You may have noticed that my last blog post was in August 2020, and that this post is some seven months later. So, what happened?

Obviously, we were all plunged into a global pandemic!

In addition to that global chaos however, my own world was rocked by the arrival of my second child. Having a baby at the height of the first UK national lockdown was not at all easy, and with juggling family life and work, keeping my blog up to date was knocked way down my priority list.

Thankfully I’ve still been able to work, and more importantly learn throughout this entire ordeal and I’m committing myself here and now to the continuation of this blog.

Doing so will benefit me in the form of a written record (it’s also quite therapeutic I find) but it may also benefit others too. I often rely on other folks blogs as a valuable source of information and problem solving, so I hope I can return the favour!

Take care all, and watch this space. More posts coming soon…